Open IT Online
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Open IT Online is an extension for Firefox, Flock, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera 11 that allows to open and edit your documents from everywhere!

Thanks to this extension, you will be able to open several types of documents directly in Firefox and Internet Explorer without needing any software to be installed.

Get Open IT Online for FirefoxGet Open IT Online Lite for Internet Explorer
Get Open IT Online Lite for Google Chrome Get Open IT Online Lite for Opera 11

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Open IT Online handles the following type of files:

Thanks to Open IT Online users can choose to use different online services to open their documents and images: the most popular are Google Docs, Zoho, View Docs Online and Vuzit for documents; Sumo Paint, Pixlr, Picnik and Snipshot for the images.

No need to install Microsoft Office, Star Office, Open Office, Photoshop or any other application: you just need Open IT Online.

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